Lance is an 18-year-old boy from De Pere. Lance was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease which means that his kidneys stopped working well enough on their own without dialysis or a transplant. Unfortunately, this is a permanent condition and Lance is currently on dialysis. When Lance isn’t in the hospital receiving treatment he acts like many other boys his age. He loves to play video games and watch scary movies. He is a huge Harry Potter fan and his favorite hobby is to draw.

When Lance learned he qualified to receive a wish, he decided he wanted to go on a shopping spree. Thanks to your generous support we were able to make Lance’s wish come true! Lance has never been able to afford too many luxury items so he was very excited to go on a shopping spree so that he could have the kinds of things he’s always wished for.

Lance’s wish day began when his volunteer wish granters pulled up in front of his house in a stretch limousine. He was stunned and thrilled and eagerly climbed inside to check it out. Lance received $3,300 to spend on absolutely anything he wanted; he had a lot of shopping ahead of him! Lance wanted to shop at Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Office Max. He bought tons of terrific items including a computer, games, gaming accessories, a desk chair sports equipment and so much more!

After Lance finished shopping, he, his family and his wish granters stopped to enjoy a delicious dinner where they could refuel, reflect on the day and enjoy spending their time together, thinking back on the awesome day they all just experienced. After dinner Lance was exhausted and ready to go home. He was eager to look through all of his incredible new purchases. Lance was able to get everything on his wish list!

Thank you for your incredible support in helping to create an unforgettable wish experience for Lance. Lance told us that his favorite part was EVERYTHING! Lance’s wish day was filled with so many joyous experiences and brought him much needed hope, strength and joy for a happy future.