Levi D.

July 23, 2010

Brad Christenson
Rock for Wishes

Dear Brad:

Thank you for your continued support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Wisconsin. You and your team raised a lot of money at “Rock for Wishes” this year. In recognition of all the time and energy you spent on this fundraiser, we are naming you a partner in Levi’s wish.

Levi is a seven-year-old boy who likes spending time with his siblings and being outside. He loves playing computer games and going fishing and camping with his family. His wish was to go to San Diego to be near the ocean. We are happy to tell you that Levi and his family have returned from their special wish trip and everyone had a wonderful experience. Levi went to Sea World and on a tour of the USS Midway which is the largest aircraft carrier in the world. His favorite part, however, was going to the San Diego Zoo and seeing all the animals.

Enclosed is a star recognizing “Rock for Wishes” as a partner in Levi’s wish. We hope it will serve as a reminder that you have touched the lives of the very special children we serve. On behalf of Wisconsin’s wish children and their families, we thank you for your generosity and commitment in helping share the power of a wish®.

Best wishes,

Amy Neumeyer
Field Office Administrator